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Angola passport ranking is 92nd on the Aid-Air Passport Index. It provides access to 23 different countries without needing a visa.

By the Angola Passport Ranking, Angolans need visas to 155 counties, 2 eTA online, 24 eVisa online, 25 visas on arrival, and free entry to 23 counties.

Angolan passport holders can visit several countries without a visa, such as Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and Iran.

Angolan passport ranking are prevented from entering 155 destinations worldwide, which reflects poorly in their high visa restrictions.

Angola is a developing country with a rapidly rising Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Angola currently holds the title for the 92nd-best passport in the world, according to Aid-Air Passport Ranking Index. This ranking puts Angola on par with many of its neighboring countries. It will help residents enjoy more incredible economic opportunities abroad and improve safety at home.

In a recent study by Henley & Partners, the Angolan passport has been ranked among the top 10 in the world. The Angola passport ranking is best due to its global entry guarantees to Angolan passport holders, who may travel visa-free to 50 countries. However, they need a visa to access 155 countries.

Angola passport ranking, which they can access visa-free, determines the ranking; therefore, the Angola passport ranking reflects how many visa-free countries Angolan passport holders can access.

The 2019 Passport Index by Arton Capital ranks Angola as number 78 in the countries with the highest travel freedom. In the ranking, Angola achieves a score of 54. It is granted visa-free access to only 52 countries, meaning it has only two fewer than citizens of EU member states.

In visa-free countries, Angolans can enter without a visa and with a visa on arrival or eTA.

A visa-free country does not require a visa for entry. For example, suppose you are Canadian with a valid passport. In that case, you can visit the United States without applying for a visa. There are also countries where you can enter on a tourist or business visa with an eTA, which applies to Canada and Australia.

Where is Angola?

Angola is a country in Africa. It is bordered by the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Central African Republic, and the Republic of Congo.

Located on the Atlantic coast. It has an area of 1,246,700 square kilometers and 19 million people. Portugal ruled Angola for nearly five centuries before gaining independence in 1975.

Portugal ruled Angola for nearly five centuries before gaining independence in 1975. It is located on the Atlantic coast and has an area of 1,246,700 square kilometers and a population of 19 million people. The Portuguese conquered Angola in 1648 and established a colony run from Luanda, it’s the capital city.

In 1974, Portugal granted Angola its independence from its colony. Shortly after, when Angola achieved its freedom, the country was plunged into a civil war between the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA) and Portuguese-backed Angolan government forces. After 27 years of violence and turmoil, the country transitioned to democracy in 1992 with free elections.

Angola Passport Ranking

According to the Aid-Air Passport Index, Angola passport ranking is 64th regarding the number of visa-free countries. Angola passport holders may travel to select countries by obtaining a visa on arrival or an electronic travel authorization before departure.

There are currently 33 countries to which Angola passport holders can travel visa-free, 26 countries in which they can get a visa at their arrival (also called “Visa on Arrival”), and 2 destinations where they can get an Electronic Travel Authority instead.

Angola passport holders can now access 50 destinations without visas or through a visa on arrival. As a result, the rank of Angola’s passport is 92nd in the world. In the past, Angola’s passport ranked as one of the most powerful passports globally. It ranked 45th on the Passport Index in 2008 and dropped to 55th in 2016.

The country was overtaken by Belarus and Iceland, respectively. Since 23 October 2018, all Angolan citizens have been permitted to enter without a visa or obtain one upon arrival in many countries and territories, including Angola, is a member of the United Nations since 2009.

Apart from Angola and a few other countries, 179 places require different visa types. Your passport may need a physical visa, or you might only need an eVisa to enter the country, depending on your nationality.

Angola Passport Ranking for Traveling

The Angola Travel score is a ranking of Angola’s tourism industry. It is based on data from IATA, Henley Index, and news sources such as the U.S. State Department. The country receives a low travel score because of a lack of international connections and reports of unrest.

Angola’s tourism industry has been ranked 149th worldwide by the Angola Travel score. The country still faces many challenges, including political unrest and a lack of infrastructure. Angola is also missing out on business opportunities due to a lack of marketing campaigns, poor publicity, and poor English skills on behalf of its tourism staff.

Our scores consider how easy it is to travel to a country: how many Visa-free, Visa On Arrival, and eTA countries a country can visit.

The joint list of 39 countries that Angola passport holders can enter without a visa includes some of the most popular tourist destinations in Africa and several European and American countries.

Angola has a visa-free travel policy for citizens of 39 countries: As of December 2017, countries that enjoy this privilege are Algeria, Antigua and Barbuda, Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Cape Verde Islands Cayman Islands Chad, Comoros Republic of Congo (Republic of the) Costa Rica, Ivory Coast, Djibouti Cape Verde Islands Equatorial Guinea, Ethiopia, Gambia, Ghana.

Angola passport holders can visit 36 countries that offer visa-on-arrival and 3 eTA travel destinations without requiring a visa. Angola passport ranking can visit 26 countries that offer visas on arrival and 4 eTA travel destinations without requiring a visa.

The Angola passport allows for visa-free travel to 37 countries. It also offers 3 visa-free destinations with an eTA, and you can visit 26 other countries that allow visas on arrival.

All Angola passport holders have the opportunity to visit a total of 59 different places – either without a visa, through a visa-on-arrival, or an eTA. We took it one step further and included an additional 191 destinations that Angola passport holders could visit if they wanted to.

The Angola passport ranking is gaining popularity in the travel world due to its 59 destinations that can be accessed without a visa. 191 additional destinations can be visited with an eTA.

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About Angola

About Angola

Angola is the second-largest African country and was once a Portuguese colony. It consists of 18 different provinces and borders Namibia, Zambia, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Portuguese were the first Europeans to arrive in Angola to trade with local African kingdoms and establish colonies over 500 years ago. The country was colonized by Portugal until it declared independence on November 11th, 1975.

In 2002, The most well-known provinces in Angola consisted of Benguela, Huila, and Luanda. Angola is Africa’s 7th biggest country with a 1.3 million sq km surface area. The climate predominantly consists of tropical seasons with only two exceptions. Tropical wet and dry. Important cities in Angola include Luanda, Benguela, Huambo, Soyo, Kuito, and Uige.

The population of Angola is 31.1 million people, and the country’s capital is Luanda. Other major cities are Lubango, Huambo, and Benguela. Angola’s languages are Portuguese, Kimbundu, Umbundu, and Ngongo.

Quatro de Fevereiro Airport is the largest airport in Luanda, Angola. It has an approximate yearly passenger traffic of 5.6 million people. It connects Africa, Europe, and Latin America with the Angolan capital. The airport is operated by the Angolan Civil Aviation Authority.

Angola is a coastal country in Southern Africa bordered by Namibia on the south, the Democratic Republic of Congo on the north, and Zambia on the east. The Portuguese arrived in Angola in 1575, and Angola gained independence from Portugal in 1975. Its culture is dominated by Portuguese heritage. Catholic Christianity is the most dominant religion.

The official language of the country is Portuguese. Hence, it’s the second-largest country where Portuguese is spoken (next to Brazil). Quite a few tribal dialects and languages are still used. But there’s no particular dialect of Brazil that is still spoken. People usually speak Portuguese with a lot of slang and use the Brazilian accent, so the pronunciation might be tricky for outsiders for some people. It’s worth learning how to say certain words such as “Saudade” (longing) or “fora” (out) to make yourself understood a little bit better if you plan on traveling around this country.

The Portuguese legal system is based on civil law. The legislation does not get reviewed by the court but instead has its validity drawn from a democratic system. João Manuel Gonçalves was also elected president, who is head of state.

The legal system in Portugal is based on the Portuguese civil law system. Civil law has been influenced by French codes and Roman law. There is no judicial review of legislation which means that the courts’ decisions are not binding; they are just recommendations to be followed. The government form is a democracy with Joao Manuel Goncalves as elected president.

The country’s official currency is the Kwanza (AOA), with the current exchange rate being AOA 663 to the USD. Angola has an open economy generating a GDP of approximately $208 billion.

The country of Angola is located in Southern Africa, on the Atlantic Coast. The official currency is the Kwanza (AOA). It has an open economy generating a GDP of approximately $208 billion and a population of 20 million. Angola has many natural resources, such as oil, diamonds, and rubber.

Angola is the third largest economy in Subsaharan Africa, and 97% of its GDP comes from oil and gas. Their per capita income is $6,850.
Angola has become a global oil and gas powerhouse and is now the third-largest economy in Sub-Saharan Africa. Though it is rich in natural resources, Angola has seen decades of economic mismanagement resulting in high poverty levels.

This is why diamond mining is crucial for the government to make extra income. The gem has other economic benefits, too.

The Republic of Angola is a large Southwestern African country with an area of 1,246,700 square kilometers. It is bordered by Namibia on the west and southwest, the Democratic Republic of Congo on the north and east, Zambia on the northeast, and Botswana. With a population of 19.7 million, it is one of Africa’s two most populous countries after Nigeria.

Some significant destinations are Kissama National Park, The Tundra Vala Fissure, Dilolo Lake, and The Dala Waterfalls. Around 220,000 tourists visit Malawi each year, most of who come from neighboring African countries and Europe.

Angola Passport Ranking Info box

Local TimeUTC+01:00
Phone Code+244
CurrencyAngolan kwanza

Conclusion – Angola Passport Ranking

According to the Aid-Air Passport Ranking Index, Angolan passports ranking is 92nd worldwide.

Visa access Angolan passport ranking to international destinations is one of the reasons for the country’s ranking, as it allows you to travel to 50 countries without having to apply for a visa beforehand.

The Angola national passport ranking compares the number of visa-free countries each holder can visit. The Angola passport ranking represents how many countries you can enter without a visa.

The Angola passport ranking has been placed at the bottom of the list for 2018. It’s ranked 52 out of 199, or around 5% of the world’s countries.

You will be pleased to know that there are 41 visa-free countries. You can also visit these without a visa or visa on arrival/electronic travel authorization (eTA).

Angola Passport Ranking
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