United States of America

United States Passport Ranking

6 Passport Rank 188 Destinations United States Passport Ranking United States 140 VISA FREE ACCESS 42 VISA ON ARRIVAL 6 eTA 17 VISA ONLINE 24 VISA REQUIRED United States Passport Ranking is 6th among global passports, according to the Aid-Air Passport Ranking Index. By the United States Passport Ranking, Americans need visas to 24 counties […]


Benin Passport Ranking

92 Passport Rank 50 Destinations Consulate Benin Passport Ranking Benin 32 VISA FREE ACCESS 27 VISA ON ARRIVAL 1 eTA 28 VISA ONLINE 141 VISA REQUIRED Benin passport raking currently ranks #86 on the Aid-Air Passport Index. It offers visa-free access to 60 countries around the world. The Beninese passport currently ranks in 86th place […]